The bodies covered the steps
And the streets and sidewalks.
In the early dawn they began to stir.
The capitol police began to move them
From the sight of the state house.

"You have to move, grandma," sad the officer
- her grandson looked so good in his blue uniform.
"But it's so nice here with my friends.
We slept so close and warm.
I was by your granddad."
"Grandma, he wasn't granddad."
"This is our home ..."
"You have to go now."
Grandma stopped talking, her face blank and flat.
The officer moved her out of sight.

The governor's fans arrived
And took their places for the media.
They cheered on cue as Governor Dives
Praised himself for making the state
Billionaire friendly.

"Isn't it wonderful, grandma.
We have a great state
Where the fittest are unshackled."

"Oh yes, but I just want to die
in a nice, clean, warm bed."

©2011, John A. Mills