Rich Wine

Divas raised his glass,
"Gentlemen and Ladies here's to victory!"
"This is great wine."
"It should be at $700 a bottle!"
"Well deserved!
 We got our tax cut and
 We got rid of socialist medical care."
"It was about time
  the government stopped picking the pockets of us wealthy."

A waiter arrived to take their orders.
She coughed.
"Hey! What are doing here!
  Maître d'!"
"Yes, sir."
"This woman coughed on us,
  Spreading god knows what!"
"I'm sorry sir.
 All our waiters are sick."
"They should go home and see a doctor."
"They can't afford to miss a day or pay a doctor."
"Well, find well ones!
 And until you do, we are going to your competition!"

The Maître d' saluted them with "Good Luck!"

©2011, John A. Mills