A Digital Romance: A Virtual Epic of Bits

John A. Mills

I would like to introduce you to my new book of poetry, A Digital Romance: A Virtual Epic of Bits. In this epic you will read of the coming of the cyber world and its attempt to overthrough reality. Please check it out right here on lulu.com.

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This book of poetry and original art, the third chronicle of Thane, tells the story of the coming of the cyber world and its attempt to overthrough reality. In three movements the battle for dominance develops. The first movement how the flesh and bones born in reality and the bits and logic of cyberspace are nurtured in one womb. The second movement moves on to the raiding, loving, and terror that arises. It is shrouded in mythology and long living tails of passion andlove found. The Abyss and the god Marduk arises. And finally the third movement contemplates the gods striking and the bits uniting and gods betrayed and bits raging civil war and at last the people speaking out.


Arachne and Athene

I walk the long and narrow Temple halls
As though they're endlessly, converging lines....[75]
In brightness shadowless I pass by stalls
On stalls and through connecting port inclines,
Awashed in harshing light and humming air,
Background, unheard, from lower hidden lair,
A part of silent quiet focused work....[80]
From corridor to corridor I lurk
Along a star, a net, a mesh, a web --
The organic sun with brilliant faerie dust
Intrudes like some forgotten hopeful reb
And causes me to doubt my cyber trust....[85]
In this hermetically contained cocoon,
Protected from the cosmic radiation
Of life's chaotic events and made immune
To all not needed for techne's creation,
I reach a node and turn, and deeper go...[90]
Into the grided Temple Virtuality
  -- the interface from Somatality,

Home, True Home

Between the seconds, living life now true,
Here decarnated, now indigitized;
Foregoing touch and smell; yet I still woo...[2380]
Th' essential self refreshly synthezied:
Translated into digitdom, my body
Is attached to the cybernet in gloves and cap
Matrix-like, drinking at the netted wadi,
My life support, an unavoidable trap....[2385]
Now integrated body, mind and soul
Into a better home, a world ascendant,
A state beyond organic's final toll,
A novel, strange Darwinian higher descendant --
The Homo Sapiens Cyberneticus,...[2390]
From blind mutation overridden
By Homo Sapiens Consyntheticus
To progress consciously now bidden.
More than cyborgs implanted with machines,
I'm plugged in bodily and by the 'net...[2395]
Sustained in all my physical routines --
So now, at last, the organic I can forget.

Thane Somnolent

Thane and Chloe stroll together hand in hand
By a fountain reaching high towards the mall's
Ceiling centered in a grove of apple trees....[4920]
All around the pair a festive spirit swells:
Crowds intent on buying, their background noise
A steady audible drone, along the streets
Search and hunt from store to shop acquiring.
Everything and anything is purchaseable....[4925]

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The Rev. John A. Mills is an ordained minister and endorsed chaplain in the United Church of Christ and an Associate Certified Chaplain in the Association of Professional Chaplains. Rev. Mills is currently a chaplain for a hospice in New Jersey. He is interested in our socioeconomic condition and mysticism. He finds expression of these interests in lyrical and epic poetry.

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