Heroes of the Economy

Sing, sing of the Heroes of the Economy.
Sing of the Common Worker,
   toiling in every building and every street ...

The Common Worker, keystone of Prosperity,
True Laborer in the fields of nature and humanity:
Fulfilling their neighbors' needs,
Receiving their due ...
And so the Real Economy lives.

The Janitor cleaning the floors and the restrooms
And leaving behind an immaculate room:
Invisible act and invisible life,
Unnoticed by the office, unless it's undone.
   Friend, can you stop a moment
   In your busy life and say thank you to ...

The Common Worker, anchor of the Market,
Proof of the lie of the Market's Myth:
No invisible hand raising them on Profit's glut -
Daily clocking in and out ...
And still the Real Economy runs.

The Factory Worker, Icon of Production,
Producing the autos, appliances and much more,
Now facing the decline and loss of work
And prejudice against their hard-earned living.
   Friend, can you remember their struggle
   In your life and say I respect you to ...

The Common Worker, the face of the old America,
Rooted Black and Rooted White,
Disjointed visions conjoined at the fist,
Divided but seeking common needs...
And the Real Economy remains unjust.

The Home Health Aide gently, skillfully caring
For grandma and grandpa,
Accepting their angers and disappointments
And resistance to the loss of their independence.
   Friend can you always remember
   In the fog of your life to say God bless you to ...

The Common Worker, the face of the new America,
Brown as the rich soil,
As hard working as any before,
Determined to build a new life in this land of opportunity...
And the Real Economy is refreshed and renewed.

The Garbage Collector, banging and rolling,
Gathering our waste for hidden disposal;
Trucks slow and in the way
Until they do not come for what we have wasted.
    Friend can you stretch out your hand
    As you flee to work and say good morning to ...

The Common Worker, divided still decades later,
Even now Old against New upon the Old
And the Power and Principalities cheering them on.
Sisters and Brothers, can you not unite for yourselves
So the Real Economy becomes yours ... and ours?

The Small Business, Engines of the Economy:
Farmers, craftspeople, hospice and mechanics,
With pride in their work and workforce,
With high quality of service and product:
    Friend can you seek them out
    And give them your business, so that ...

The Common Worker, Force of Life,
You and I in our daily tasks, wise and able,
Need not succumb to the Powers' incompetence,
But together arise and claim our economic rights...
So the Real Economy be
  of the people,
     by the people and
        for the people.

Sing, sing of the Heroes of the Economy.
Sing that the Real Economy be ours at last.

©2011, John A. Mills