They wheeled him into the ER on a gurney.
No id, they said, we don't know who he is -
Blood all over Johnnie Noname.
Others couldn't see his face to i.d. him.
But He saw his face:
30-something African-American, eyes wide staring.
They rushed him into trauma
Surrounded the table, blocking the view
Trying to stop the blood -
Close the bullet hole.
The Chaplain stood on the threshold, praying
This was once someone's little boy.

They rush him to the OR ...
... Code Blue, blood everywhere
Great pools of it, life poured out, exhausted.
One by one, the students pound and pound.
Finished, they turn there backs and leave.
The Chaplain, alone, remains praying
... for Johnnie Noname.

©2011, John A. Mills