Death Stalks The Land

Death stalks the land
   You cut me off Bang! Bang!
   This movie 'll make you a natural born killer Bang! Bang!
   You need this for protection Bang! Bang!
   You won't stop teasing me Bang! Bang!
   GodHatesFags Bang! Bang!
   Life is too much Bang! Bang!
No Grim Reaper this, but life's butcher

Death stalks the land
   Eat this, but stay emaciated Take Control!
   Build a fence high Take Control!
   Invest now before its too late Take Control!
   Best the Jones', no matter what Take Control!
   Be as able as God Take Control!
No Grim Reaper this, but life's strangler

In the arid summer, where the grass writhers,
   Tiger lilies bloom and a monarch butterfly feeds
   A little girl and her dad make friends with them.
In the urban shooting gallery, where the streets run red,
   A congregation stands firm and stays faithful
   Doors wide open.

The sky darkens in anger, rumbles, and  flashes,
   Then roars and cries:
   Death and its apostles hide from the booming and torrent
   But Life and its apostles stand with arms raised high.

Death looks back over the ashen, cindered land
   And mumbles, "it's good."
But then sees and groans: here and there a flower blossoms.

Life strolls the land
   Never defeated, always and everywhere blooming,
   Even in the lifeless ash, it is living and evolving.
Life strolls the land
   Two parents together stand with their daughters against abuse Take back the night!
   A driver slows down and makes way Take back the road!
   Teachers teach reconciliation and diversity Take back the school!
   Two men marry; two women unite Take back love!
   Overwhelmed, a man seeks God Take back the spirit!
   Body, mind, and soul feast on nature's variety Take back yourself!
Life strolls the land
   A handicapped child is baptised Choose Life!
   People gather in a circle and pray to the Great Spirit Choose Life!
   A new neighbor pulls down an old fence Choose Life!
   A millionaire drops out of surburbia and drops into the urban jungle Choose Life!
   A runner helps another runner across the finishing line Choose Life!
   A woman and a man join, relying on the Holy Spirit Choose Life!
   A scientist finds God in the laboratory Choose Life!

Life strolls the land --
   Reaches out to lonely Death and hugs it:
At last Death lives, the last death.

It is good.

©1999, John A. Mills

Published in Cross Fire; Anne Macmillian, Ed,; ©2002 Sycamore House Publishers.