The Logic of Love

God's logic of love, so profound and sublime
   underlies all of space and time:
For God is love, perfect and ever true,
   wanting our free and sure love too.

So the Divine imbrues into us free will
   unhindered, for good or ill,
   that uncoerced we may truly give
   our love to God, our cause to live.

Our Lover to covenant love with us chooses
   perfect power, and all-power refuses,
   perfect knowledge, and all-knowledge loses.

God from us must even hide
   that we may on unbelief decide,
   for not e'en the Divine reality can be sure
   but a matter of belief and Divine allure.

And, lo, free to love is free to hate.
   For our choice God'll ne'er frustrate;
   to give us love's flower
   is to give us evil's power.
But our unhindered liberation
   empowers us with co-creation:
   The children of our minds, hearts, and hands
   -- for either good or ill -- expands
   God's cosmos and our reality
   with our invented artificiality.
   Will we see artificial minds
   -- new alien kinds?
   How will we re-invent
   ourselves and with what intent?

And, lo, from the Word, "It is good"
All of creation is saved, made free --
  So to be saved no need to plea,
  But rather to respond to this disciplehood.

O Love, You cannot arise from our defense
  Because, requiring such insane expense,
  You go against all rationale and sense:
Thus, God is Utterly Other,
  Altogether Another,
  By idols ne'er smother'd.

Thus, we are nourished in God's power of love.
So will we be a vulture or will we be a dove?

©2002 John A. Mills

Published in Pathways To Faith; Natalie Nightingale, ed; Triumph House; Peterborough, UK