Well, there it is.
But I'm spared
I'm staying home
Even if my number comes up
  I'm a college student.
But I'll still be
  One-Sixty-Two for life.
I can pass it by
  It'll pass me by.
I can forget it now.
You enlisted in the Navy?
  To beat the lottery?
  And now you're 360!
Why gunboat duty?
  Up the Mekong!
Isn't it bad enough to be over there?
The body count: more VC than us
Khe Song, Da Nang, Hue, Tet
  All on the nightly news.
Body count daily
My Lai over and over
Body count again
Now you're home.
  Never the same again
None of us are the same.
  Never forgiven
None of us forgiven.

©2010 John A. Mills