From the Edge of the Margin: A Symphonic Epic

John A. Mills

I would like to introduce you to my new book of epic poetry, From the Edge of the Margin: A Symphonic Epic. In this book you will find lost teenagers, a baby born to be the world's servant, and the hope for a new age. Please check it out on

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This book of poetry and original art leads the reader from our broken age to an age of holiness and just peace. Out of teenagers Thane and Zoe comes the Servant. Through the Servant's mystical life of suffering the world is transformed. From Creation to Revelation to Creation, a new age is shaped. In a Trinity of Movements the story unfolds from sorrow and fear, through raising and challenge to transforming love. Out of the broken love of Thane and Zoe comes life and death. Followed by the appearance of new love and the child becomes the Servant who challenges the powers and principalities. In the Servant's sacrifice on the tree old bets are transformed to new embraces -- a new world created. On the edge of society's marginalized comes the Servant to transform and resurrect the unmarginal.


Thane - New World

Out of our love will spring milk and honey,
Out of our love will flow dreams and desire;
Our ripening love is nurturing our new world,
Ending the old, beginning the new without end.

Neither parents nor teachers, police nor preachers,
Neither porno sexting nor savage texting,
Will spring and flow out of us,
But an eternal home only for us.
O let the midnight be eternal,

Filled with the wine and softness of our love,
Embraced by starlit diamonds and foothills;
O let the midnight herald our new world,
Of steadfast love and youth forever,
Of only you and me without end.

Where have you been?
You were supposed to be home hours ago?

The Suffering

The servant was speaking to a crowd in the road, saying,
    "God prefers the suffering."
And a white man in the crowd said,
"Where is God for me?
 I have worked hard; I have given; I have achieved.
 Has not God preferred me?"
And the servant said,
  "What are those chains,
   rattling and clanking twisted around you." 
And the man said, "I have forged them myself."
And the servant said, "Give them to me. And go, find God."
Another man in the crowd said,
   "If God is with the suffering and I am here, what can I do?"
The servant replied, "The suffering you always have with you." 
The servant said,
   "Now the center is becoming the circumference,
    and the circumference the center."

Good Employment

An old friend, godless and tendered hearted,
Stridently for peace, a worker for the Left,
Confused that God and peace can't be parted,
Told me of one lecturing, "Let's be bereft
Of bombs and guns, no matter whatever
Our enemies may try with their arms;
First we must break the cycle forever."
Through the room his idea raised alarms;
Then one listener disdainfully said to him,
"Do you really trust them not to destroy us?"
And the speaker smiled, "I do not trust them,
But the issue is, will we let God employ us." 
Among our way's rubble and decay,
Fighting to keep out of harm's way,
Let's unchain the world from the peacekeeper's sway:
For there's no way to peace ... peace is the way! 
And the servant said, come and not be alone. 

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The Rev. John A. Mills is an ordained minister and endorsed chaplain in the United Church of Christ and an Associate Certified Chaplain in the Association of Professional Chaplains. Rev. Mills is currently a chaplain for a hospice in New Jersey. He is interested in our socioeconomic condition and mysticism. He finds expression of these interests in lyrical and epic poetry.

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