Lunar Chronicles: A Symphonic Epic of Technology

John A. Mills

I would like to introduce you to my new book of poetry, Lunar Chronicles: A Symphonic Epic of Technology. In this epic you will dicover a new Earth and a new Moon. Please check it out right here on

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This book of poetry and original art, the second chronicle of Thane (the first being From the Edge of the Margin), tells the story of Thane finding room to breathe in outer space and to claim identity in cyber space. The poem gathers power and mystery and is re-employed within the abyss of endlessly spiraling doom, and witnesses to God's love and vision in full bloom. In a Quadruplex of Movements the story unfolds from the mystic Star-Rider's corralling a miniature black hole to promise of infinite energy and a renewed earth, through experimental life on Luna and onward to the speed of light. The chronicle is populated by ordinary characters in extraordinary circumstances along with an unexpected character occasionally. From space flight to cyber exploration of forbidden destinations, our stars in divine calling work to redeem Earth with Luna's genius.


Star-Rider: A Proposal

If only, just as my workstation's mind,
So many incorporeal bits and bytes,
Is copyable among related wares,
My psyche could be copied thus.
Surveyor of the Plain of Time: minody 
The Keeper of the Present ever:
What good is flesh and blood that wears out? dies?
Why only one container for the mind
Denying immortality to us
To live a moment only on the Plain?
Yet there's a way to enter that black hole:
For we can ope a channel for the mind
To telethink, to telesee,
    to telehear, to telefeel
The rush and braking, forth and back of Time.

The Invisible

Caprice swept his hand along the table
And there materialized, becoming stable,
A miniature amidst the sitting Ghosts -
A megalopolis: homes and parks and coasts,
Skyscraper, mall, airport and thoroughfare;
A couple here, a few companions there.
But in the suburbs lurked a Dark Abyss:
A wall of solid night of Prejudice;
A blank, impenetrable, single Void,
Infernal home of the unnamed Destroyed;
A creeping, ever creeping eater of light,
That nightly was preparing to ignite.
	"You sound like that do-gooder man
	Who came from the holovision world to here
	To make our matters right within his sight;
	Although he tries, he wants to be my kin:
	He talked about the ways that I could win
	And tried to help until he got a fright
	When that purveyor soldier came too near -
	He flew to warming hearth and secure clan."

Thane and Astra: Kiss Me Now

The enemy is at the door; the adversary arrives at the dock:
Only a moment remains; only a second
Before our world dissolves and chaos reigns.
Embracing we are sundered; entwined we are broken.
We can escape into our world, our souls, our minds.
No more Luna; no more Earth; no more L5.
Just we two and the dream of love.
Let this infinitesimal moment embrace all of infinity.
Do you hear? Do you see? The pop of an air seal.
The enemy is upon us and we cannot wait.
Our world dissolves, O let our love solidify.
Come quickly to a safe place - where is there safety?
Run with me, fall not behind!
Kiss me now! - Or there will not be a chance ...

Creans Ex Nihilo

Reality contracts and then relaxes,
About me as my panic wanes and waxes:
The hole engulfing me, that boundless void,
A single one of numberless deployed -
Is not a static and inert dead end,
But a dynamo desiring to portend
All present, past and future things potential
And the perfect and imperfect things essential.
Around me gathers low and darkening clouds,
It seems, as though the world's embalmed in shrouds.
All ready to erupt electric thunder,
The very air prepares to rip and sunder,
The void around me and within my soul
Reverberatingly out of control.

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The Rev. John A. Mills is an ordained minister and endorsed chaplain in the United Church of Christ and an Associate Certified Chaplain in the Association of Professional Chaplains. Rev. Mills is currently a chaplain for a hospice in New Jersey. He is interested in our socioeconomic condition and mysticism. He finds expression of these interests in lyrical and epic poetry.

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