Alone, at one, and lonely, th' Holy speaks:
"My Word issues forth: I:to-be-Not-I
Begotten Logos to diversify."
Becoming, perishing, th' Holy seeks:
And there a void, an emptiness appears,
"Not-I, the arche-queen of engineers."

Releasing th' emptiness, th' Holy breathes,
"Let there be love," and freewill choice bequeaths.
And Logos enters Wisdom, man and wife;
And she receives the Word in sacred strife.
The singularity erupts in life:



A dot -- all of actuality,
A point -- all of potentiality,
Without width or breath or height,
Without vector space and time,
Explodes and fulminates,
Expands and inflates.
One force to bind it all
In one ultra heated fireball.
Cooling, differentiating,
Organizing, integrating,
   Protons, Electrons,
   Neutrons, Positrons.



Until in a cosmic wink,
Spanning years as long as light's speed,
Electrons with positives link
And light, first light is freed.
A sign of God in this place,
Washing over time and space,
Eternity's interface,
This primordial light spreads out bound
And echoes now in the cosmic background --
A reminder of God advancing
With Creation's chancing and dancing.



But now Attractive Gravity,
With mathematical suavity,
Condenses and compresses,
Gathers and caresses
Matter into galaxies of stars
Nuclear shining into the Sparse
(For no void, but quarkonic and leptonic!),
Propelling light photonic and spectronic --
And light, second light, is enriched
From alpha to beyond gamma pitched --
God continue's to create
   and to variegate --
Preparing for Love's Expressions:
Life in all of its impressions.



And God's excitement accelerates --
The first born stars burn at ever rapid rates:
They collapse one by one
And exploding sun by sun
Spew heavy atoms of star debris --
Each a cosmic refugee
That Attractive Gravity collects
Into suns and planets and connects
Them into ellipsing runs
Of moons about worlds about suns.
Each sun awashes its earths
In EM, third light, for starting births.
And God's diversity grows and evolves
And towards Wisdom resolves.



Now, now we apple-eaters,
Upright and brainy competers,
Have woven fibers of light,
Fourth light, at first to expedite
Our words and then our data.
And then in deepening strata
We lay capability on capability
In ubiquitous accessibility
Of cyberdreams and avatars,
Of impossible worlds and stars,
Of global e-talk and consumption,
Of realizing the god-presumption.
Yet th' Holy of cybergrace
Awaits us in cyberspace,
Where not e'en God knows
Whither life goes ...



The cosmic fœtus wrapped in light gestates
And in the labor of Cross and Resurrection awaits
Its birth as the Basilé of God, Divine Alternity
And raising  by Word and Wisdom in Eternity.

Phôs Aiônion


The færie photonic stream,
  the brilliant dusty beam,
  across the fœtal face,
  awashes time and space.

Of points, without width or breath or height,
  displaces no space, these quanta of light 
At c, ageless untouched by time, pass
  all time, and untouchably massless flash
  around us, upon us, yet not of us,
  here, but not here, yet hot to us,

The photonic amnion,
The harbinger aiônion,
The membrane between the cosmic fœtus
  and Sophie's Womb -- the Beyond to meet us --
These spectronic waves are th' eternal
  anointing us supernal.

Around the membrane, beyond the c
  th' enfolded implicate,
  th' amniotic sea,
  nurtures th' unfolded explicate: 
Within the membrane, in time and space,
  the chromatic vibration
  emanates like Holy Grace
  such wondrous relation.
Like synchronous, laser light,
  the tool of holographic sight
  that makes the implicated film
  and reveals the explicated still,
The light out of the enfolded Ground
  arrives, by space and time unbound
To declare the holy mystery
  and the bound of cosmic history.



Within the membrane, all of creation
Is soaked in chromatic vibration
And awashed in God's unseen otherly light
Like Maxwell's Rainbow, of variegated sight:

As a thought emerges from 
   the alpha-brain to emit a Photon at 10Hz,
   so God's divine quantum flows through and out of us --
   always there, never in doubt of us.

A Photon vibrating faster at 120Hz
   travels with power along
   the bluish thick trunks stretching far and wide
   and the yellowish thin leaves reaching everywhere --
   like unfolding the power of otherwhere:
   the mighty veins of God given us to heat
   and to glow, and in trust, not to deplete.

A Photon vibrating faster at 2kHz sees speech:
   The whiteness of silence giving way to
     the red of debate,
     the orange of discussion,
     the yellow of chatting,
     the green of singing,
     the blue of chanting,
     the violet of prayer,
   And visualizes the Word
     setting life astir.

A Photon vibrating faster @ kilocycles and megacycles shines:
     the red of AM,
     the orange of short wave,
     the yellow of FM,
     the green of VHF,
     the blue of UHF,
     the violet of microwave,
   And by God's given choice,
     broadcasts humanity's voice.

A Photon vibrating faster glows thermoluminescent 
     in the red of warm,
     in the orange of hot,
     in the yellow of burning,
     in the blue of searing,
  Energizing and baking life's mesh
     like Holy radiance warming our nephesh.

A Photon vibrating faster beams iridescent with:
  And showers the world with eye-stunning shades and hues
    as God's immanence showers with questions and truths.

Vibrating faster, past visibility and back into invisibility,
A Photon glows ultraviolescent:
    ghostly red and orange,
    spirit yellow and green,
    specter blue and violet,
   fluorescing in the dull, colorless dark,
   the invisible heat burning the pale,
  As God's hope shines out in the deepest dark
     and leaves us ever marked.

A Photon  vibrating faster radiates X-escence, 
    giving in-sight
    to structure and bone,
    morphing bit by bit the cells of life,
  Like God's understanding, penetrating to the core,
    opening, ever opening, a new door.

A Photon vibrating faster projects gammaescence,
    peering to the very being,
    transmutgenic quantum,
    seed changer,
    egg mutater ...
  And then God's grace renews
    if only we see the cues.

A Photon vibrating fastest of all radiates through the Cosmos,
   a messenger of the unknowing known
      to the unknown beyond,
  As Divine light arrives in  our days
     out of the mysterious haze.



Like a sponge, time and space
Soaks up God's electromagnetic grace.
Divine immanence every event holds
As each in radiance unfolds
And the amniotic membrane of luminernity
Unfolds materiality and eternity:

Photons stream in parallel lanes and run
From the pale blue sky, a bridge to the sun --
Just out of reach -- wouldn't you know?
Through a green leafy branch hanging low,
A reflection in the dewy air,
Shimmering, færie faire.
Beyond the real into the really real,
Deep into being's commonweal,
I step upon it, that immaterial specter,
Visible in the midst of material nectar.

And behold ...

The sunlight embrilliates the leaves
And through them radiates and weaves
The eternally implied zoogenic flame
To express God's love and fame:

My luminernal mind sees,
   absorbed by the leaves,
The timeless, spaceless quanta,
   ordinary, yet santa,
That turns the inorganic into their food --
  unintentionally (?) for our good.
Turning the carbon dioxide they breathe,
  to the oxygen they bequeath,
With the water they drink,
  from the weather so linked,
Through chlorophylic conversion,
  to the organic sugar dispersion,
The host self-nourishes and becomes ...
  nourishment for herbivores,
  which nourish omnivores
And so on up the biosphere life comes.

And even electromagnetic grace
Frees the water to green nature's face:
Infrared heats the sea and ocean
And sends the atmosphere into commotion --
Evaporated water raises to cooler planes
And condenses out and rains --
To soak the good field
And feed the biogenic yield.

Now I stand upon the spectrum,
Shimmering like fairy electrum,
Feeling the soul-warming light,
Showered in its colors bright,
Baptized into its zootic hope,
Seeing at once the cosmic scope:
The Spirit, like the massless, timeless Photons,
Weaves me, nature, e'en th' automatons
Into a continuum of interpenetrated body-souls
Ever evolving towards converging goals.

I step off into the garden of fertility
-- of luminernal accessibility --
Of green on green, leaves on leaves, trees by trees,
Rustling in the soft breeze.
Bloody flowers dropped, the tree of the Cross
Is now all green rejoicing its redeemed loss.
And there, dropping its fruit, is the tree of Paradise,
Not past, but forward in evolution's sacrifice.

The forsythia thickly verdant, cryptoxanthic,
The tomatoes fruity leaves and œnanthic,
The tiger lily arched sunward, summer purifier,
The onion tops promising sweet fire,
The pachysandra, emerald cover,
All express our one true lover.
The grassy, bristly ground of being,
Tranquilly unbound and freeing,
Upholds the garden of luminernity
In light's sempiternity.
But amidst the iridescence,
There emerges an opalescence:
Cluster together, the fiery orange marigolds,
The pansies red, purple, striped & bold
And the ruby snapdragons blooming spire,
All bloom in prismatic choir,
In diverse chromatic actuality,
Verdure's rainbow potentiality,
Each known by its particularity,
All within one unitarity,
Woven together by God's kenotic action,
Immanent in electromagnetic interaction,
All given access, mutation by mutation,
Towards God's lure, adaptation by adaptation.



Into my garden pregnant Wisdom appeared,
Concrescing, shimmering, finally cleared.
She reached out to me, radiant beauty,
Her hand out stretched and sooty.
"Come, look in your garden," said she, "It grieves."
she knelt and thrust her hands into the leaves.
She revealed a log and heaving, overturned it.
"Here, is life-consuming dissolution. Discern it!"

There underneath, the unnatural thrived
In a pit, formless and light deprived,
The rotten splinters crawled with maggots
And slugs slithered over the charred faggots.
There, so long denied, my garden dissolved
Into pitch and its matrix devolved:

Above us in the distance, the blue sky thundered,
Rolled, rumbled, tearing serenity asunder.
And now I could see the box leaden,
Enclosing my garden, Being now deaden.
Around me brilliance was no more --
Long gone was the radiance I knew before.
Not the brightness of luminernity,
But of materiality without eternity --
Only my light from within shone,
Absorbed by the lead, the world disowned.
And so I simply walked through the Implicate,
My awareness was consumed solely by the Explicate.

Again the sky roared and the cloudy horses
Thundered and threatened with alien forces.
I cowered at the explosive sound
And thought the world hell bound.
As it subsided again I stood
And shone all that I could.
I dare not weaken or ossify,
For if I did my garden would die.
Yet my light dulled and drained,
No longer replenished and sustained.
My evolution towards the Divine
Was postponed by my spiritual decline.

The churning heavens split apart.
Again I retreated with racing heart --
BUt was trapped in this dooméd hour.
Then, then a bolt of electromagnetic power
Struck my box of consuming death
And seared and melted its featureless lead.
I stood naked in the torrential rain,
Exposed, unprotected in the violent terrain.
Around I could see other leaden boxes
And th' abandoned, sicken by our poxes.
Now, I beheld how each box sucked
The light from people, trouble-strucked,
Denied opportunity, cheated of choice,
Neglected to addiction to truncate their voice.
In the drenching, cleansing, downpour,
I heard a voice, I'd no longer ignore:
"Cease thinking you can make what fulfills.
If you want only what God wills,
Then you will have eternal life and peace
In the midst of struggle and caprice."

I stepped out of my ruinéd garden
And among the people found my pardon --
I bent low to help them till
And there found my domicile.
Lo, my mind and soul shed their shrouds
And Wisdom's Light broke through the clouds;
Miscarriage prevented, her labor once again steady,
We are nourished by her discernment, milky and bready.



O Christ, the preexistent Word
Whose Light is eternally heard,
You radiate through the Universe
And ignorance and blindness disperse.

O Holy Mystery, in our electromagnetic ocean
   of virtual photonic locomotion,
   in every event and particle,
   in each act and article,
Your Light embraces our every emotion:
We live in the shadow of our despair,
   rooted in our self-prayer --
   as if we are the engine of spectronic vibration
   and can shine by self-generation.
So we are become a people luminously unaware.
But if we open our souls and minds
   and remove our agenda's blinds,
   Your Light will flood into us
   and propel Your amniotic blood into us --
Everywhere and everywhen. What wonderful finds!

O Holy Spirit, in our conviction
   Your Light as gentle as Spring's new heat
   and as harsh as th' apocalyptic judgment seat
Comforts us in our affliction
And afflicts us in our comfort --
Your gentle hands, the others of God's Midwife
Are guiding our fœtal cosmos in labor's strife
To the welcoming light of the Basilé,
The consummation of our gestating way,
Our apocalyptic birth into luminernal life.
Your shining hands that blind us --
But towards You have inclined us
   with love and nails,
   from Sin's too many jail --
Are our spiritual transformers
   and our Spirit's warmers.

O Holy Wisdom, Your Light emanates
   from th' invisible reaches of creation
   and through it Your presence liberates
   us from sightless alienation.
You shine in the face
   of every sentience and created.
In them, we can see askance Your grace,
   if we just believe beyond the explicated.
Everywhere materiality is imbrued
   with invisible færie mood,
   as mushrooms in a ring
   are thanes about the fairy-king,
   as Queen Mab is the verdant ground
   of the garden flower-crowned.
From the singular start of everything
   when the Big Bang roiled and churned,
   Your Light is the common string
   as Your presence we discern
   interconnecting all into one visioning.

O Holy Purity, Your beauty reflects
   through Math's pure and perfect forms
   Your Love's free and demanding norms
   in our soaring intellects:
Your aura illuminates our beings
   and opens our eyes to true reality,
   unchaining us for clearly seeing
   life in whimsicality --
Your Enlightenment lodges in our Imagination
The fertile garden of our and Yours co-creation.

Like a candle in a quiet room
   Your gentle flame dispels the gloom
   whenever it smother's our days,
   wherever it consumes our ways.
In Your flickering luminous sheet
   of the soft glow of serenity
   and the metamorphic warmth of heat
   You invite us to Your amenity.
Your thermochromatic rainbow
   makes visible Your inner glow
   and embraces our souls
   in its spirit-giving coals.
O Holy Phôs, Your Light is our Way,
Our Guide, our Hope to the Basilé

©2001, John A. Mills

With influence from Lawrence W. Fagg's Electromagnetism and the Sacred: At the Frontiers of Spirit and Matter and The Physical Undercurrent of Life's Evolution