Aionic Couplets

The cosmos not yet born, within Eternity
Gestates, now laboring for God's Alternity

A foetus growing in Sophia's womb,
Creation develops toward childhood's bloom.

Let there be light to bear eternity
To hold and leaven sempternity.

Omega, the end of infiniteness
Is th' uterine lining, holding brightness.

Enfolding, flowing, and unfolding,
-- out of the amniotic implicate
Of Plato's pure and perfect forms
-- emerges the foetal explicate.

The cervix dilates e'en now preparing th' way
Into the Basile of God - Yahweh.

Th' eternal womb provides the pulse of love:
   The blue of joyful waiting going to
   The white of th' gift of body going to
   The purple penitence of fallen strife
   Along with th' red of bloody sacrifice
   To th' white of born again, and death defied
   For fiery red of church began into
   The verdant green of growth until
   Return to purple waiting joyful way ...
Th' eternal womb, the pulse of love & life.

Umbilical dihelical accord
Of mind & bible, working for the Lord
Of fibonacci struts to bridge the two
And golden e, and pi each wove through.

Omega Absolute infinity
The last is th' womb inside divinity.

Perishing is enfolding
Becoming is unfolding
   implicate to explicate to implicate ...

T = T0/0
Within a photon passes every time:
-- Brilliant photon bears Eternity
Into the mist of Temporality

O Solomon sings:
   of God for Israel;
   of Christ for Church.
Now sing a song divine:
   of Logos' love for Wisdom:
   uncreated He,
   first created she.