The Other Within - Meditation on the Null Set

is unique
is ubiquitious
is alien

The empty set objectifies nothingness. Meditating on the character of the empty set guides us into a search for the emptiness within.

The empty set is unique. If two sets have exactly the same elements, they are the same set. We do not have two sets, but one set with two names. If we assume that is not unique, then there are two distinct empty sets. But by definition, an empty set has no elements -- ontologically it has no elements. Both of our supposed distinct empty sets have no elements, and thus, have the "same" elements. They are then the same set. is unique.

Only one object in all of the cosmos exists that is empty. When a mystic successfully encounters this singular object, he or she encounters a common ground touched by all mystics: all space-time events converge on this one elementary object.

Consider emptiness.

How might you encounter this common thread and follow it through creation?

The empty set is in everything, yet nothing has anthing in common with it. The difference () between a set and is the set again. The difference between and a set is the null set. Therefore the symmetric difference () of a set and is the set. There is no overlap of something with the empty set. The empty set is alien, the utterly other within everything.

Consider the most alien from you.

Search within yourself. where do you encounter this alien within yourself?