Saga of Emptiness

Emptiness is two braces embracing nothing no-space Emptiness is zero cancelled

Emptiness is not, but becomes Emptiness is not barren, but pregnant Emptiness is not static, but dynamic Emptiness is prior to everything. From it all actuality and all potentiality emerges. Wherever there is emptiness, there will be creation. Emptiness is a blank window ready to be written upon It is a desert and a wasteland It is timeless and spaceless It is silent. It is neither being or non-being It is seed and womb, ø and {} It is divine kenosis:

Before creation Christ as Logos, the Word Was God in form, all ruler, truth and right: But in being God, did not so much delight That Christ became a human, love preferred, Whose holy words through the ages would be heard, Whose human touch would offer hope and sight And love and care relieve the soul's dark night, And suffered on the cross so death deterred. Through Jesus humbled, emptied, holy child All things from A to Z came into being - Alone through Jesus can things be created: Thus God exalted Jesus so decreeing His way and name to be to our spirit freeing And that all creatures here would kneel elated.

Emptiness is the empty set the whole that contains nothing the set that is in every set Emptiness is part of everything, ubiquitous, even of itself unique, one of a kind threaded through everything Emptiness plus anything is anything - it is integrally and essentially a part of anything a thing is not that thing without emptiness Emptiness being void, without anything is utterly different from anything having nothing in common with anything - it is utterly other disjoint from everything Two disjoint, utterly different things have nothing, that is emptiness, in common When everything is removed from a thing, emptiness remains, the root character of anything Emptiness is the other within Emptiness is the actual pointing to all potentiality

Emptiness is certain When all else is stripped away When job is lost When family is gone When health is broken When self dispairs When all that is is taken away And nothing remains … When we are drained dry And we are hollow … Emptiness remains and that is the hand of God caressing us holding us Emptiness stays and that is the spark of God a flower sprouting in the desert a fruit ripening in the desolation a cry of labor in the ruins God remains and is never gone.
The empty set is in everything every person every thought every atom and star every every It is one, the intersectioin of everything with everything It is the thread knitting all things together. It is the trace of the incarnated Logos that upholds and ties together all of the Universe It is our common kinship with all Creation It is the icon of the Holy Spirit the stamp of Logos the mark of Sophia on all of us.
It is the utterly Other within us. Our common kinship is the Other The Other is part of us Love yearns for the Other. Kenosis is utterly touching the utterly Other. Kenosis is touching God. God is love and kenosis, thus, births the Other.

to be empty is to be hollow and hallowed ready to be filled with the utterly Other with the Divine stripped of our barriers open vulnerable drained of our prejudices challenged convertible fillable with

Nothingness is the trace, the thread that binds: I am a son and father, husband and friend Through my parents, I am connected To the siblings and friends To their parents & through them, their parents and relatives and friends & through them,yet further back into the past Through each I am connected to their friends & throgh those friends to their friends across space, nation to nation, joined Through my children and my friends' children I am connected To their children and children-to-be & their friends and their friends' childdren-to-be & those childrens' children and friends Still further into the future & through them, to a network of relationships extending across Space, star to star, joined Through the web of realtion, I - and you - Are interconnected With all creation Today Yesterday Tomorrow Here There Yon Nothingness we have in common with the other Manifested in our relational interconnectedness