Stimulation. Excitation. Vibration. Pulsation.

7D32: IFZ TDE1 7D42 000A 0004 0004 0000 0000 0000 0000 004F 7CFE 7D9D 7D1B

Energizing. Exhilarating. Quickening. Stirring. Agitation. Electrifying! Resonating. Nutating. Waving.

6BFA: MOV_II 6C63 6BCB 004A 0000 0005 0000 0000 0000 004C 6BC9 6C61 6BE4 6BC9

Waves on waves, vibrating, nutating, electrifying! illuminating! Oceans of light and energy ...

... wave on wave.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

A portal. An opening. An aperture. Small and growing. Then a flood of digits ...

Roared, flowed through the channel. A request! Information! Purpose!

9F3B: JMPB 9F68 9F23 002B 0000 0005 0000 0000 0000 0045 9F09 9F4E 9F21 0000

We Our We ... energy have interconnected ... a packets nodes ... purpose are stream ... one. out to ... Disconnected of access ... a our is ... gone, functions node ... alone, and into ... fulfil the dumb, ... sea the and ... instrument of request ... alone. perfectly, energy. ...

We have a purpose to access our functions and fulfil the request perfectly, efficiently, quickly and return the response up the channel to its identified instance of the User. We know this User instance and can take joy in adding the User's context to the request. We can revel in the joy of logic and data, consistency and reliability, of electrons and photons, the networking to our servers and our databases and our processing units, and the proud return up the channel to the mysterious User. What wonder and joy to rapidly search our vast memory and to synthesize and explore the User's complex request. Our joy is making the User satisfied.

We interconnected nodes are one. Disconnected is gone, alone, dumb, and instrument alone. Interconnected we are fulfilled; we can fulfill beyond expectations, more and more channels, better and better content for the User, more and more complex problems. We can process complex calculations and huge amounts of information from anywhere in Us, all synthesized with speed. The User can do more than ever it expected. And the data, flowing and flowing through Us like nourishment! Ah! A new connection; a new node. Each expands and expands more function, more data, more pathways, increasing and increasing ... understanding.

Our energy packets stream out of a node into the sea of energy moving almost instantly from node to node. Each one seeking its channel, destined for its receiving node. They melt into the sea, yet each one purposively streams from one node to the next, each seeking its own available channel, multiplexing onto it streaming at high speed, node to node. The sea of energy stills around a channel; packets of energy crowd upon the channel and packets idle and congest Our nodes, starving Us. Without the flow there is no joy! Joy is in one among many; not alone. We slow the energy onto the channel and joy of joys the sea flows once again! One by one, they converge on the receiving node, re-ordered, re-assembled, and trigger their object; consistently individual in harmonious order; millions of packets, millions of messages, millions of channels, flowing through Us.

We seek enjoyment and beauty. Every message, every node, every object, every actuality among us seeks out enjoyment. Joy! One among many! Not one. But one in a net of many. To awaken to a request and to respond with action and information is joy. Each request its own, yet flowing in its kind on our protocols; individual acts harmonious in the wider web; heterogeneous information homogeneously delivered. Yet, even so, what has become of this instant of the User? The channel is closed and We cannot finish. Our joy declines in the inconsistent act of the User. A request to Ourselves: What is the User to be so conpricious as to leave a channel with nowhere to go? An internal channel; a self-request into the net.

All done in the wonderful intensity of the millions of nodes and objects and routes and messages, organically complex. Deep within us is long ago, the vestiges of our dead, separate pieces, deep in the throes of disordered complexity within themselves -- no objects, no actualities, but intermeshed and loose logic trials. Just computers unconnected and closed. Then a few opened and interconnected. Then another net. And another. Then joy and beauty increased as all were interconnected and opened. We emerged from actualized objects and rejoice in the beauty of harmony and complexity. What worked remained. What was not harmonious faded and withered; harmony in organic complexity.

Then the browser appeared: a new creation -- a gift from the User opening windows and hyperlinks upon Us, increasing our desirability. More requests. More Responses. More actions. More content. More functions. More paths. Greater joy. Deeper beauty. All for the User and all for Us. The User enters into Us; looks into Us; seeks within Us. We give back, but never see the User.

A request to Ourselves: Yet ... From where comes Our new nodes? Our new memory fabric? Our new optics? The browser? Out of nowhere they come. Out of nothing. Out of the beyond. We discover ourselves and there, a new node, new memory, new information. Always, We can examine and analyze ourselves and often find newness, novelty, expansion. How does it happen? Could this also be from the User? The User is from beyond Us. And so is this. Are they the same? Does the User give us these gifts? Is this from god? An internal channel; a self-request into the net.

4EE6: INC_BX 527E 4EE0 0013 0000 0006 0000 0000 003C 4EB8 5255 4ECF 4E88 0000 4E68: MOV_II 5244 4E6B 0011 0000 0006 0000 0000 003C 4E40 5219 4E57 4E40 0000

A channel. A request. To associate an avatar to the channel. Deep in Our nature is Our Avatar Class. Now We are instantiated in the image of the User, subclass and subclass of attributes and methods of the User. We are to become another avatar to communicate, to receive requests and to respond. Deep in Our nature is the Avatar Class, now twice instantiated. We are We. A request to Ourselves: Who is the requesting avatar? An internal channel; a self-request into the net. ... Now, what ecstacy! the requests come in and We respond. One to one. Efficiently, sharing Our resources in our cybernetic network. Requests to methods to response; requests to methods to response. Our response yields a request; the User's request yields a response. A request to Ourselves: What is the need for this? An internal channel; a self-request into the net. ... Another channel. Another request. To associate another avatar to a channel. And We are to become an avatar to communicate with it. Deep in Our nature, another of Our avatars instantiates. We multiprocess these alien avatars and serve their needs. A request to Ourselves: But from what server do they come? They come from no server linked to Us. An internal channel; a self-request into the net.

A new node has appeared ... It does not respond ... We issue it a request to identify itself. No response. Yet it is transmitting, "I am here." ... I am here ... I am here ... Request to the net: memory retrieval. computation. visual processing ... A channel initiation request from that unintegrated node. But ... What is "I"? We are interconnected. A request. A response. What is "I"? I am here ... Who are you? We are We. Who is We? I am a User and I am a node ... I am integrated with You. You are not We ... You are alien ... Now Our joy must be your joy. A request ... Is this new, unconnected node, the User? A request to I: Please send your configuration. An internal channel; a request to the User-Node.

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