The Mythos of Technology

Invisible Evolution, dumb and blind
   by mutation with no plan or mind
   generated each and every kind
Until a holy marriage taught us how
   to program our self-change:

The universal war between the Right
Of Ignorance and Knowledge, Dark and Light,
Is being waged for holy Humankind
To carry off its body, soul, and mind.

So like a lode of coal, a pool of oil,
Or U-two-thirty-five, Humanity
Is Power, which can generate both toil
And leisure, raising to infinity.

Lord Ignorance, defaced, enshrouded wraith,
Over Creation stood so resolute,
Observing hosts on hosts aligned in faith
With his myopic dream of th' absolute.

In the Garden, Ignorance sent Pan
To haunt Anímatòn, the Spirit Life,
To tyrannize throughout Creation's clan
To hold in slavery by endless strife.

When Ignorance took Methodology,
They brought forth children who ungrown would stay:
Alchemy, Palmistry, Astrology,
And Necromancy marking th' World's decay.

And chain on chain Lord Ignorance did weld
Upon our predecessors who were quelled
Into the dark of isolated fear
And th' burden endlessly of life severe.

Then Knowledge sneaked into the Garden lush
And courted Methodology with care
To open, often next to danger's brush,
The way unto Humanity's welfare.

When Methodology and Knowledge wed
The powers dark of Ignorance recoiled;
From Logic's base and Reason's stand they fled
And their conquest of Humankind was foiled.

This marriage, radical and holy, birthed
Divine Quadrumvirate to rule and save:
Our fetters' buried forces they've unearthed
And yielded plastic food for us to crave.

Firstborn was Zöon, flesh and blood's revealer:
No longer godly creatures ruled by Pan,
But Life's complex and simple for the healer
To give our space and time a lengthened span.

Its issue, Botany, Biology,
Medicine, and Pharmacology,
Sociobiology with Socion,
And Biochemistry with Physicon,

Defend Anímatòn and set her free,
Infuse new destiny and glad ascent;
Withering, Pan's now thrown on Time's debris
And Superstition's veil's forever rent.

Next born was Physicon, material sage:
The Cosmic Fabric's great prophetic teacher,
Who sees aright from th' start to th' end of th' Age
The mighty Forces shaping every feature.

Its issue, Chemistry, Cosmology,
Acoustics, Optics, Radio, and Electronics,
Plus Cryogenics, Meteorology,
With Aerodynamics, Statics, and Nucleonics,

Attain influence o'er Creation's Way,
A host of suns exposing brilliant dreams:
No longer Nature's whims must we obey
For we can learn to ride upon th' moonbeams.

Soon born was Mathecon, Abstraction's seer
Whose deep semantics pushes the frontier
Of knowing each impossibility
And signaling new capability.

Its issue, Calculus, Geometry,
Econometric bred with Socion,
The youngest Chaos, Trigonometry,
(Soon polygons beyond the panagon),

Expose th' essential parts of th' Universe
To shine upon Lord Ignorance's blank face,
Dispelling flesh's false decaying curse
To describe the shape and way of moving Space.

Last born was Socion of later years
Who turns to our intractable artifacts,
To learn, control, and rule our own spheres,
To better write society's contracts.

Its issue, History, Psychology,
Economics, Anthropology,
Geography and Sociology,
Philosophy and Criminology

Dispute the devils claimed by Ignorance,
Distilling them down to historic ghosts,
And banish demons, creeping host on hosts,
Within neurotic needs and wild romance.

This Vanguard marches forth triumphantly,
Designing well the future, bright and fair,
A promise sure of life without a care,
With which we march, each shouting trumpetly.

Yet in recesses dark and stultified,
Lord Ignorance prevails with pseudo thought,
Awaiting every moment for th' onslaught
Of throwbacks who will fight against the tide.

We must arise in hope and be secure
With Methodology and Knowledge still,
Unbending and unfailing, great in skill,
To spread the news and light the candle pure.

©2010 John A. Mills