The atom is split.They fashion a Bomb. Studying, planning, and experimenting, they construct it with a genius accumulated over the ages. They are enthralled and intoxicated with this new possibility; they have overcome their own worldliness. They test it in a desert now made more desolate. "I am Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds."

They look inward; they examine, analyze, and synthesize. They fashion memory, processors, and sensors into a brain, and a body.They design and code a mind for it, like the mind of a human to do what a human can do, only faster and with infinite patience and free of error.

They mine and plow the Earth. They lift from its deepest wells and take from its oldest forests. They fill the water and the air with the signs of their progress. They shape the land. They subdue the world. In time they will subdue the planets and the stars.

With it, they eradicate smallpox, and weave conversation from pole to pole, from land to land; they visit the moon and the bottom of the sea. Also, they look to it to save them from what they have wrought. In it they trust.

With it they set Peacekeepers in the sky to guard the Earth. With it they preserve life even after death. With it they architect the future. And they fashion a god from it, and lift it up shouting, "save us!"

©2010 John A. Mills