The Garden of Hope and Despair: A Clash of Myths

John A. Mills

I would like to introduce you to my new book of epic poetry, The Garden of Hope and Despair: A Clash of Myths. In this book you will find mythic adventures of lovers, centaurs, wizards, elves and fairies. Please check it out on

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This poetic epic in mystical language and original art by the author tells of the Magic Garden and its Celtic people as they face the onslaught of Greeks and Vikings. It follows the story of Elpis, the Granddaughter of Ceres, goddess of planting and harvesting, and Parlan, the Farmer, son of Danu, Queen of the Celts, and son of the Green Man, as their romance unfolds during the storms of the greedy gods of Greeks and Vikings. Along the way they encounter loss kin and suitors, as well as mystic centaurs, wizards, druids, trolls, elves, and fairies.


Jeremiah's Garden

... He started at a queer disturbance in the water:
The pond began rotating - faster, faster, faster;
Its center churning up a tempest strong that grew and grew.
The water whirled, a circling torrent 'round its border.
In the cyclone a window opened on a vision taking shape.
The funnel cast a stranger spell - a mythic vision of an ancient world.
In th' window, the Gardner noted with amazement and unbelief:
Upon a peaceful sea, there sailed an ancient Grecian boat.
A princess, young, alone at the helm, was dressed in linen white.
Upon her dress 'twas knitted fauns and winged horses dancing -
Around her wrist she wore a golden pearl and ruby bracelet.
Around her naked ivory neck there hung a pendant:
A golden star around an emerald all-seeing eye.
She navigated peacefully destined he knew not where.
Then suddenly the ocean boiled around her simple boat;
And waves with power and terror rose and fell.
In their chaotic crashing th' waves became gigantic...

Chapter 8: Ellpis and Prodotis

"O Aphrodite, have I not respected your advice,
Expressing love, concern and even hope for Elpis?
I pray that you will bring her back to my protective arms
As certainly as your advice and wisdom can be trusted."
That night he slept in hope of Venus coming to advise him.
But he awoke in early dawn from sleep's oblivion -
A night when Venus stopped her ears and heard him not.
The Pendant had glowed in Elpis' holding fading on his touch.
His claiming it would do no good if should it be impotent.
Can e'en the gods control it for their rule of friend and foe
Who would receive its hope? Who'd be deprived of it?
"Poseidon, you desire the Pendant, source of hope.
Yet even you must needs its accidental owner ...

Chapter 14: The Hallowing

The Magic Garden, haven still and home,
	Surviving, greening in the gloam
Embraced the Wizard searching for his friends;
	With Palantir beheld the coming end -
The eagles soared upon the rising air
	That formed the funnel's wall to take the pair
Above the blasted cratered battle field
	To find the Pendant; see its power unsealed.
Below, the pair observed a land of death
	Of corpses, carnage, ash and poisoned breathe ...

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The Rev. John A. Mills is an ordained minister and endorsed chaplain in the United Church of Christ and an Associate Certified Chaplain in the Association of Professional Chaplains. Rev. Mills is currently a chaplain for a hospice in New Jersey. He is interested in our socioeconomic condition and mysticism. He finds expression of these interests in lyrical and epic poetry.

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