Cosmic Trek

Your body quietly falls into its last sleep,
   dust to dust, ashes to ashes,
And releases you into the Cosmos.

A new photon, a new point of light,
   Your soul, at last, soars to the stars:
   Hope attained, exploring acquired.
Pass Jupiter and Mars,
Pass Titan and Europa,
And into deep space.
You linger at the Great Crab Nebula,
   its polyhchromatic threads pulsating with energy.

Warping ever further
You explore galaxies and dark matter,
Further and futher through the voidless void,
Back to the beginning of time and space,
To the edge of the Universe.

There on that edge,
   at the Beginning,
   at the End,
You pulsate on the Edge of Eternity...
And at last your soul crosses the threshold
   to the beyond,
   into Eternity.

©2010, John A. Mills