A Day In Paradise

Just you and I sit inside by the
   Balcony's doubled glass doors.
The Spring is coming
   on this beautiful sunny day.
You say a few words and
   float into a sleep in your bed-chair.
Beyond the doors,
   the world sparkles in the sun:
   a crabapple bears buds of promise
   by the semi-circle balcony.
   Beyond its copper-colored rails
   people walk and cars fly by.
   The grass strives to be green.
   The distant industrial plant gleams.
   The azure sky is cloudless, clear.
I am drawn into the rebirthing of life ...
But you are asleep, missing this beauty.
Do you have dreams? See visions?
   Of a Spring day in Paradise
   Beyond the glass doors.
Have you stepped through the doors --
   just for the moment?
You stand looking out over Paradise:
   Young again on the balcony,
   its rails pure white,
   sheltered by the full-blooming crab,
   animated with beauty.
   People stroll by and vehicles roll by.
   The grass is Irish green,
   alive with færie.
   In the distance, gleams a crystal plant
   humming with energy.
   Above, the sky is a mytical, deep blue.
Just a vision, maybe
   of when you step through
   ... to never return.

©2010, John A. Mills