A Day's Journey

Impatiens and daffodils overflow in the roadside pot.
School children wander along to school.
Irises bloom bordering house and street.
Squirrels chase each other through branches while
High leaves blow gently in the sunny breeze.
A landscraper pulls out in front of me ...
We share the road as it lumbers in front of me.
I wander what estate is due for a Spring make over

We, like two train cars, cruise down a tree-lined road until
The landscaper pulls into a well manicured estate ...
I follow it into the back packing lot, past
Rhododendrons and pots of daffodils lining the sidewalk, past
Well-trimmed yards and pruned trees, past
Quiet wooded paths and benches.

I enter the mansion of stories and wings
And seek out my patient and friend.
She draws me from sunny, breathing, nature ...
I leave behind the day and its gathering storms and
Sit with her on the threshold.
We hold hands no need for words ...
I looked West but she looks East
To the beyond, the immaterial.
We hold hands and I turn East
To see what she sees...
To our destination.

I exit the mansion and
   all about I hear singing and chirping.
I say farewell to the manicured estate, passing by
The spirit filled paths and benches, passing by
Yards and trees stretching
   until East and West kiss, passing by
Rhododendrons and daffodils,
  in the gentle breeze dancing with the spirits, and
I exit the estate full of life, and
Head home behind the landscaper, rejoicing as
  the squirrels caper in the spirit's breath,
  the school children energize the walks and flowers, and
  the Irises radiate the blessings of life.

©2010, John A. Mills