Dying Door

We stand at the threshold of the
   Dying Door.

Most times we turn our back to it.
Our journey is here with
   flesh and blood's blessings and curses,
   snow and rain,
   sparkling sun and doomy clouds,
   and this blesséd earthly life.

But sometimes we have to face it.
A loved one passes and
   we weep and
   peer into the abyss
   not ready for its indescribable beauty.

Once in awhile we want to open it.
But this life is a gift from God.
   Do not rush it ...
   Our mortality is certain.
   We will have all of Eternity on the other side.

But in time our journey turns to it.
Our earthly journey is coming to an end.
   Our blessings are many.
   Our curses are many.
   Our families and friends remember us.
   We and God argue. Then
   God opens the dying door and
   We pass through it to

©2010, John A. Mills