The Passing of Wisdom

We sit face to face,
    Flesh to flesh,
    On the edge of Eternity.
With your voice you pass to me
    The Wisdom of your life:
The wisdom of human touch.
The wisdom of caring for the stranger.
The wisdom of generosity.
The wisdom of humbleness.
The wisdom of being embodied.
The wisdom of wisdoms of having faith in God.

Now I shepherd you to the edge.
And you must cross
    To greet the Ages past in the arms of God.

I turn back to the Now
And wonder
Who will sit face to face, 
     Flesh to flesh
     With my children?
What avatar will sit digit to flesh?
What Social Media friend, digital vapor, will sit?
Who will hear my child's voice vibrate in the air?
Who will carry on
     The Wisdom of the Ages?

©2011, John A. Mills