Secret Life of the Soul

− ´ − − ´ − − ´ − − ´
How worn is her body just lying in bed.
Her mind still continues to shine e'en so dim.
Her soul through her skin yet is glowing so bright.
One body, one mind and one soul in one life.
The dusk is long past, yet to come is the dawn:
Her body is resting, her mind does not think --
Her soul long infused in her thoughts and her flesh
Attends to the call of the Heavenly Soul.
Accomplished in Life's interwoven affairs
She ran with endurance and danced with soft grace;
Her wisdom courageously shining in love;
Her soul indistinct from her body and mind.
From dusk until dawn, the oblivion of night
Provided refuge for her soul to pursue
Divine re-creation unattached to the world,
A chance for repose in Eternal Embrace.
She sleeps now more often than she is awake.
Her body is wasted; Eternity is nigh.
Now that her person is ready to pass,
Her soul is preparing to go from her life.
She sleeps, now her mind and her flesh are inert:
Her soul can now leave her corporeal life --
A life it so yearned like a lover's true mate --
A life it forever will cherish and love.
Now gone is her glow; how bereft is her kin.
Her soul for a moment does hover above:
"My dears, though your grief should pursue you long nights,
I'll never, no never abandon your need."

©2009 John A. Mills

Published in Poetry Rivals' Collection 2009: Seeds of Faith; Angela Fairbrace, ed.; Forward Press, UK.