Soul Song

I sing the soul, child of God's Spirit
   gifted at conception
   lover of life, life's love
   co-creators, loving, of the animus/anima
I sing the soul, citizen of Eternity
   child whisperer to timeless spirits
   companion of ghosts
   celebrator of wanders beyond
I sing the soul, sojourner in Time
   soaked up by body and mind
   nourishing body and mind, day by day
   yearning for Light, the Messenger of Eternity
I sing the soul, shaped by body and mind
   experiencing Time and Space
   new possibilities, new growth
I sing the nephesh, soul-body-mind inseparable
   one in peace and war
   one in joy and sorrow
   one in trial and victory
I sing the nephesh in all its heart break
   animus/anima struggling for wholeness
   body, soul, mind at odds,
   embracing and parting
I sing the body and mind, tired
   worn out, dried up, and finished
   withdrawing from Time and Space
   releasing, pushing the soul to Eternity
I sing the soul, on the threshold
   lover of body and mind
   lover of animus/anima
   yearning to bear them across
I sing the soul, through the veil
   mourning the loss
   rejoicing in the gain
   soaring in pure Light
I sing the soul, passed beyond the veil
   riding upon a wave of Light
   forever remembering body and mind
   forever magnified by animus/anima.
I sing the soul, child of God's Spirit

©2010, John A. Mills