Sweet Innocent

My dragonkeeper,
  with a smile as big as the sun
  spreading across your eyes and mouth,
  your twisted body shifting to greet me,
I come to sit with you
  to respite in your innocent aura
  free of the confusion, curses, and expectations
  of the world.
Your birth-curse, decades ago
  damned you to a life of innocence
  unable to know the confusions of the world
  condemned to simplicity.
But here you are:
  innocent of your curse
  asking only for the simple things:
  rest and cartoons.
For the moments that I sojourn with you
  your curse is my blessing --
  how unjust that seems --
  but I sit with you and you alone
  no other can be you.
For the moments we are together
  it is just you and I
  in a simple world of sight and sound
  you smile with a hardy grunting laugh.
I imagine you to be the Dragon Keeper
  and ask if you've seen the dragon.
What wondrous joy you smile shines at that.
  What forms take shape in you mind?
But I forget you innocence
  free of such objects,
  bound only by the moment's sense.
You, with no intent by yourself,
  keep me innocent for a moment
  free for an instant of worldly concern.
And I, with intent yet unsure
  keep you company
  and happily be in your world
  be your companion.

©2009 John A. Mills