Wait Station

Her train arrived here a long time ago
After a long journey
 with stops of joy
 stops of struggle
Along the way:
   Moving along, active living.
Now she waits at this last stop
For her plane to arrive.
So here I sit with her passing the time:
   Simply waiting, simple living.
We sit in a circle of wheel chairs.
The cheery coach in the middle
-- ball in hand.
Tossing to a woman -- slow and quiet and gray:
"That's really great --
You caught it!
Toss it back now."
And around the ring she goes.
   Simple living.
We sit together:
Your concerns are echoes of the past;
Your dreams faded in a forgotten future;
Your family -- a glass-shattered memory;
Images fading in and out.
   Simply waiting.
A cat wanders by.
He climbs onto your lap.
He purrs soothingly ...
He knows its almost time:
   Simple living.
Now I sit by you,
You in bed in the long sleep.
Your room full of Spirit.
   Simply waiting.
At last your plane has arrived.
Soon you will board
To a far off, unknown land:
   No more waiting, a new living.

©2009 John A. Mills