Mushroom Forest

Just within a square foot
A gift from the night of
A Lilliputian mushroom forest.
The miniature toad stools scattered about
In the grand ol' oak's shade
Surrounded by nine foot high bamboo grass.
And Gulliver stands over it
A washed in wonder.

One day of life
In the world that is
Hidden in the dank mulch
A mysterious forest
A magic beyond botany
From a world that isn't.

Gulliver stepped into the forest
Shrinking, shrinking until
He stood face to face
With a faerie queen sitting on a toad stool.
All about him hovered
Fairy men and women
Greening the trees and grass
Ripening the tomatoes
Growing the peppers and eggplants
Painting the impatiens, snap dragons and roses.
A ring of fairy children form
And dance and sing gliding around him.

But now the day that was was passing and 

Gulliver returned to the world that is.
As he stepped over the withering forest,
He stopped of a sudden:
There at the fuchsia blossom
A hummingbird suddenly appeared
Hovering, drinking
And fleeing back
To the world that isn't.

©2011 John A. Mills