God's Anguish

I could just scream! When will the anger end!
All my sleeping and waking are enslaved;
Vengeance I seek, your destruction I crave.
O God, I'm helpless, strengthen me to mend!

Where am I to go? To where can I flee?
My home, my family, here, there, no where's safe!
You are always with me, in every face.
O God, I'm helpless, face me, hear my plea!

Like living demons are th' anger and fear,
Bringing death to life, darkness to life's light;
I walk, I talk as if death was so near,
Existing day by day, shrouded in night.

O God, I am so consumed; where are you?
Help me, touch me, save me now, make me new!

©1989, John A. Mills