Lovers in the Bulbs

In the sparkling Spring,
   bulbs awaken in the breeze:
Purple, pink and white hyacinths,
   cylinders of little blooms;
White and yellow daffodils,
   stars around yellow and orange horns;
Tiny purple grape hyacinths,
   clusters of hanging beads;
White Easter lilies,
   now wilting in new life;
Fetal tulips still folded,
   ready to burst in unfolding splendor --
All bedded on spiky green leaves
   full of energy
   guided by the Sun.

On the ground of this Færie Forest,
   moist and rich,
   hidden and shaded,
   from the Daystar,
was asleep a fairy couple,
   embracing, entangled under a leaf.
Long after the Dawn
   when Færie plays,
Long before the Dusk
   when Færie awakens,
The lovers dream as one
   in their own world of mysterie.

©2001, John A. Mills