In a cave, dark, dank, deep, hidden
Broods a demon,
Faceless, glowing eyes,
Shapeless, always awake:
   Born in sometime long ago
   Of unknown parentage
   And hidden name;
In wait, always waiting to torment,
Anathema to serenity:
Shrieking fear and anxiety:
   You are going broke!
   Your new car will break down!
   Your boss is going to fire you!
   You are desperately ill!
Always alert, always tormenting.
What is your name?
   What is your cause?
       Where is your grave?
An absence turned demonic:
   No trust
      No faith
         No confidence
            No assurance
Too much childhood uncertainty
   Too little childhood certainty:
Nameless, faceless, shapeless:
   Let me take back my joy!

©1999, John A. Mills