You brood ...

O Eternal God who is parent, child, and Spirit:

You brood over the pregnant emptiness, the void and th' abyss
And deliver out of it spinning worlds and fiery spheres,
Infinitely varied life touched with your e'erloving kiss
And birth, growth, joy, and pain,
   death and rebirth spir'ling through th' years.

O God with us, Your love and trust for us is e'er growing,
Despite our own distrust, self-saving, and dominance;
You have not clinged to Your divine privilege and all-knowing,
But emptied Yourself for us into one even to die.

From th' emptiness emerges infinite infinities,
But th' emptiness remains pregnant with ever more visions
Among and within the infinities -- doorways to You;
O God, we fill our emptiness with our divinities --
Free us, empty us, open us to Your new transitions --
Free us from everything so we can be free for all th' few.

Finally freed, held in Your steadfast arms without a care,
Light and free like the  lilies of the field, the birds of th' air.


©1988, John A. Mills