Golden Apple of Titan

Helio descends
And Morpheus embraces my earthly day.
Hespera, Light of the Evening,
In the twilight between day and night,
Waters the Golden Apples of Immortality.
She beckons me into the dark mystery of Mother Nyx.

I am surrounded by the færies of the night,
Invisibly moving in trees and houses,
Silently replying to the chirping and howling
  Of the denizens of the night,
Animating every stone,
  every grass blade, and
    every sidewalk
Joining together this world and the Other World ...

I cling to Nyx
And search the Night Sky,
Penetrating the sunless atmosphere,
The New Moon invisible,
The stars brilliant.
I focus ever so carefully
My telescope upon one deep wanderer
And Ringéd Saturn materializes.
In close conjunction, I discover Titan,
Mightier than Mercury,
Saturnian Moon-Planet of mystery.

I reach up to Titan
To embrace its mythic mystery of strangeness.
From within Titan's swirling atmosphere,
A bolt of lightening races towards me.
In a flash, she materializes before me,
Her golden skin and wispy robe
Glowing in the star-lit darkness.

From under her robe
She produces a golden apple.
Stretching out her ghostly hand,
She offers it to me.
I reach for it and ...
We become two bolts of light
Rocketing to Titan.

We soar towards Luna.
My Moon Fairy joins us ...
We hover over
   the Sea of Nectar she and I sailed
   and Moontown we visited.
Onward we go,
   And my Moon Fairy waves farewell.

Soon we approach mythical Barsoom.
Below I can see the long dead canals and oceans.
There! There is ancient Helium!
So close, so far --
I can imagine riding with
   John Carter, Dejah Thoris and their children
   against the Green Martians.

Now bolt by bolt
We flash by Asteroids and King Jupiter,
As Saturn grows and grows
Against the deep, cosmic darkness.

At last we dip into the Titanic Air
Coming to rest upon its ground.
We stand on the Ocean of Manna,
Its brown coffee-sand
Crunching under our feet.
We inhale the Methanic Air
In the pale green haze.
In the sky above looms Ringéd Saturn
Ever over-watching its brother
With dull Helios hanging close by.

Beside us, sheltering us
Stands the Tree of Mythic Knowledge
It's Golden Apples, rich and sweet,
Hanging among its red-violet leaves
Within our reach.
My Titanic Fairy reaches up and plucks one,
Offering it to me.
I take it
   and feel the fairy energy fill me.

Close by in the distance
We see a sea,
Its torquoise waters waving upon the shore.
My Titanic Fairy beckons me to follow her.
We hike over the sand,
Along the way red-violet shoots bloom
As if guiding us to the Sea.
At last we arrive on the beach,
It's ethanic waters washing up on our feet.
Midget Helios sitting on the horizon,
Hespera's twilight dull and stretched.

On the Sea sailed ghostly boats
With ghostly people.
My titanic fairy tells that
The Sea of Ghosts is in the Other World
And we see it's image through the
Methanic haze.
On the beach is a wispy boat
And she leads me into it.
We set sail on the Sea:
Helios no longer on the horizon,
But high up by Saturn,
Its paced slowed
As other-time stretches long.

We floated on the torquoise sea,
Calm and peaceful
The ethanic-water bright and brilliant,
The boats and denizens colorful,
And time slowed simply to be.

Then we espied a great fleet
Sailing upon the deep waters.
Upon the sails was the
Tree of Mystic Knowledge.
In their midst was one great ship,
With high decks fore and aft.
My fairy announced that
There sails Mab, Queen of Fairies.
We must announce ourselves.

Excitedly, her wings expand
And on her excitement, I too
Take wing ...
Before Mab we stand, not bowed,
For hear no one is below.
She welcomes us hardedly
And calls us to visit the
Realms of Titan.

Upon wing we pass over the Sea
And return to this world...
Helios has risen and set and risen again
Since our timeless stay with Queen Mab.

Below us, through the methanic haze
We see another Sea, south.
In it swims great lizards
   breathing fiery ethane,
   ethanic water washing over
   scaling green and membranous red.
One with spiked tail and violet-red crest
   takes wing and soars towards us.
He has found his supper.
My Titanic Fairy dives deep and swift
Towards the Ocean of Manna,
Bearing me on her wake.

Soon once again we float
Above one more sea,
Large and roiling, volcanic in its turmoil.
Then out of its depths rears
A great Kraken, its mighty and soft body
Stretching up from the bottom of sea,
It's tenticles
   engulfing a boat and
   sweeping up its doomed passengers.

At last we cross over the sandy dunes
And cross into Xanadu.
Here we rest along the Lake of Beauty.
It's bluish green waters laps upon the beach.
The greenish hazed absent so
Ringéd Saturn is brilliant in the sky.
Red-violet trees circle the lake
And a gentle breeze flutters their leaves.

East of Beautiful Lake stretches Titania,
Capital of Xanadu.
We land upon its wharf,
Docking our wispy boat.
We stroll among Titania's
Crystal towers and glowing orbs, and
Strange lightening living units
Inhabited by strange titans,
Tall and stretched,
Fingers long and slender,
Greenish blue of skin,
Eyes of violet-red,
Seeing infrared and color.

They invite us into their
Praising and rejoicing
Of the wonders we had seen.

Titania and I stroll one last time
Among the crystal towers and glowing orbs.
She is fading,
   returning to the Other World.
I still hold her offering of the golden apple.
She points at it and proclaims
   Forget not me or Titan ...

I turn and
Aurora, Light of the Dawn, breaks forth.
Brilliant Helio's slanting rays shower
The garden and trees with golden brilliance
And the Spirit in nature embraces me.
With golden apple in hand,
I step into the Light.

©2010 John A. Mills