old sassafras tree
so verdant a day ago
now aflame with Fall

footpads emerging
up the old twisted gray trunk
raising to the sky

a crocus blooming
in the winter-dulled ivy
is purple and still.

yellow daffodil
swaying in the gentle breeze
over a mown lawn

in the morn so still
I lift my boy from his bed
and hold him awhile

in the morn so still
I hold my daughter tightly
and she says "fore'er"

fresh and cooling breeze
Spring sun soft and crystal clear
timelessly content

behind the wire fence
amidst the green foliage white
small bells in the rain

a line of green trees
waving and trembling in step
in the cooling breeze

God, the sun of warmth
Jesus, the dirt of our growth
the Spirit, the rain

Di', la sun' de varm'
Jesu', l' kot' por nia kresk'
La Spirit', la pluv'

©1990,1998, John A. Mills