Trapped, O God!

Trapped, O God!
The gut churns, the throat catches, the mind stumbles;
Hopelessness sets in,
   even when a future seems possible.
So it is with just this one trauma.
What it must be like to have it day in and day out;
To be oppressed!
The thought dulls, vision disappears.
Life moves from moment to moment;
Hoping against hope, without power,
(drugs relieve the hopelessness
   destined to more hopelessness).
Free us, O God!
Save us, O God!
Uplift us, O God!
Empower us, O God!
Let us have faith in You, O God!
Let us be touched by Your presence
   and vision moment by moment


Keen Lake 6 August 1988

©1988, John A. Mills