No Matter ...

O God,
   no matter how good a job I have
        how good I do it
        how much I make
        how credible I am
        how steeped in its culture I am
        how loving a family I have
        how much insurance I have
        how good a citizen I am
   I cannot secure myself from
   life's capriciousness and dangers,
   for tomorrow
        I could have a crippling auto accident
        I could wake up with cancer
        My company could fail
        One of my children die
        My spouse could leave me
        War and holocaust could come.
   Yet I try harder and harder every day,
        making more money
        buying a bigger home
        buying more insurance
        working harder
        accumulating more power
        rising above others
        securing myself from the troubles of others
        until I am exhausted and burned out,
   and all I have left are the idols I have made
     of job, family, and home --
   and so goes the vicious cycle of self-saving
   broken only by faith in You:
    that if my spouse calls me,
       I can drop everything and come
     that if I see a wrong,
        I will speak out
     that I will step off my journey
        to heed Your call.
   And know that You will make it alright.


©1988, John A. Mills