Wanted Shoes, or Pink Sneakers

To Jeffrey.
on Jeffrey wearing his pink sneakers.

They're my sneakers and they make me gay.
   I think I'll wear them every day.
They're special and comfortable and PINK!
   They show I'm special. What do you think?
I'm not gay, but they sure are fun.
They let me be the stand-out one.

I'm soon outta here for good,
And off to a more distant 'hood:
So I'm going to leave my mark
And maybe a new boy's fashion spark.

I walk the halls and stroll the stores,
I drive my car and do my chores,
Always wearing my sneakers, flashing I'm me
   -- An upstream swimming fish in the sea.

And the girls stop me to say how cool.
They know they're great; I'm no fool!

Maybe you think I'm weird.
   Maybe you think I'm queer.
But it was how I was reared.
   And I say why not cheer!

©2001, John A. Mills