Rebellion 1

Forgive us, O God, our rebellion:
Where You have set in motion
            interrelated Creation;
   we have alienated and abused;
Where You have given us the gift of mutuality,
   we have established dominance:
       male over female,
           White over Black,
                wealth over poverty,
                     adult over child;
Where You have offered us Salvation and Liberation,
   we have turned our faith towards ourselves
      and sought self-salvation:
         seeking security, love and hope
            in created things and ideas and ...
    not in the Uncreated.
O ever-faithful God,
  empty us of our clingings:
     to alienation and abuse
         to dominance,
             to self-saving:
   empty us of everything, even You,
   that we may be free for everything.

©1988, John A. Mills