Rolling Along Past

Rolling along past ...
   a stream snaking through the dense growth,
   water rippling over stones,
   leaves rustling in the wind.
Rolling along past ...
   cast off boxes and bins,
   lumber and asphalt,
   mattresses and luggage.
Rolling along past ...
   unused siding, forgotten box car
   parked by abandoned loading docks,
   an age gone by.
Rolling along past ...
   backdoors and swimming pools,
   barbecues and bicycles,
   exposed to the rolling voyeurs.
Rolling along past ...
   a vacant lot soaked in swampy water,
   a hidden world of frogs and rats
   and mosquitoes as large as a toe nail.
Rolling along past ...
   a power transformer, coils and cables and trestles,
   the visible of invisible flow,
   lighting up and carrying along.
Rolling along past ...
   until I get off, step down
   walk to the front
   and enter into the moving crowd.

Easter 2005

©2005, John A. Mills
published in Daily Reflections 2006: Thoughts for Every Day; Triumph House, UK