O, Purple Crocus popping out of the winter-dulled ivy,
thank you for not being busy.

The early Spring is like faithful calmness.

In the still of the great, stony Cathedral,
your laughter intrudes ordinary life.

Go, GodŐs life is within you.

the kindom of God is like a father
following his daughterŐs lead.

Vashti, Queen of Persia and Medina, was a feminist.
See Esther 1-2.

Greater love you do not have than this,
that you go to hell for your friends.
s. Jn 15:13

Neniu havas amon pli grandan ol tio,
ke iu subirus en inferon por siaj amikoj.

Peaceful, peaceful we shall live
   working together one and all,
To banish hunger and sickness,
   banish tyranny and war.
We shall beat their [our] swords into plowshares,
   their [our] bombs into tractors.
Peaceful, peaceful we shall live
   full and fruitful forevermore.
To Hymn of Joy

Invisible, impenetrable, dark
Inescapable, infinitesimal, stark
Infinipotent, bottomless, black hole
Insatiable, abyssic, sheol.

Trust; God trusts us no matter what we do.
Fidu; Kio ajn ni faras, Dio fidas nin.

Until we guarantee a decent life to every child from womb to tomb
every child, born and unborn, is aborted.

Life does not begin at conception,
it began when God spoke the Word.

Verily, the day of the sunless sun has come
And it is now -- done. done. done.

It takes 3 to conceive a child:
a woman, a man, and the Holy Spirit

Tri estas bezonataj eknaski:
virino, viro, kaj la Sankta Spirito

©1983, 1990, John A. Mills