I have sought You ...

O God, I have sought You on wings of eagles:
   building homes for the homeless
   giving food for the hungry
   writing letters for the refugee
   preaching sermons for the war-torn
But I have only heard of You there

O God, I have caught a glimpse of You
   in the Spring periwinkle
   in my small daughter's mature words
   in my young son's curiosity
   in the sun breaking through storm clouds
But I have only fleetingly felt You there

O God, I have thought of You in the morning mist
   when my wife goes through the day with the Devil
   and I could only be by
   when my wife carefully teaches our children
   and the shadow of Death over hangs
There You are among the hurting and pained
There, as she makes breakfast with our children
so You are helping her and being with her ...


©1990, John A. Mills