Silver Apple of the Moon

The twilight has passed and night is becoming.
The dark is glowing in the silver light of the moon.
The harsh reality of doing is banished
And soft mystery is walking the land.

I stretch my arms to the moon
And the day's guilt, shame and worry
Melt in her cool heat.

Moonbeams play about me
Shaping a fairy, translucent and luminous,
Her silver wings fluttering and
Her flowing hair rustling in the moonlit breeze.
The demanding, unforgiving day where everything is known,
Disappears into the dark. 

She holds her hand out to me
And I entwine my fingers with her slender fingers.
She offers me a silver apple
And biting into it
We stand on the shores of the Sea of Nector
In the vacuum-clear night...

Sheltered by the Tree of Mythic Life
Laden with silver apples
Ripe and delicious
Growing in the moonish vacuum,
Out of reach in our rational days,
Now nourishing me in the moon's sunny night,
So far away, close enough to touch.

The silvery Nectar washes to and fro over my feet
As I am drowned in sweet release.
In the emptiness of the moon's no-air
I sense clearly at last the World.

Upon the Sea and over the Land,
Moon fairies flutter about.
One approaches me out of the Land of Manna.
She invites me into her boat bobbing on the sea.
We float over the sea,
Her delicate fluttering wings propelling us.

Dreamingly she and I lull in the boat.
Above in the pitch black vacuum,
Unhindered I see Mother Earth,
Singing to me in colorful tones
And crying in the fog of material.
Like a fetus in a womb,
I float between Luna and Earth,
Between oceanic depths and desert shallowness.

Then our boat begins to rock and rock--
The waves slammed against us.
We have drifted into the Bay of Severity.
My moon fairy flutters her wings and
I paddle with my hands in desperation
Until we achieve the sweet, calm Sea once again.

Now we float towards the Golden Ridge
Rising just above Nectar Basin.
In the distance, I can see clearly ...
A strange and mythic town.

On shore my moon fairy takes my hand
And leads me across the barren Basin
To the foot of the Ridge
And walks me into Moontown,
A timeless town,
Embracing all-time.

I wondered
Among the Crystal Spirals and Domes,
She walking beside me, her wings folded.
She guides me up the gentle golden slope,
The gold fading as we walked by.
At last we reach the highest spiral.

We climb around and around to the top.
Stretching out before us is the moon's silver craterscape.
We can see the Fertile Sea in the distance
And still further the Tranquil Sea beyond Manna.
Sometime when I return we will go there.

We stretch out together to look into the sky.
Unhindered, we see steady, shining stars.
Together we float into the infinite
Timelessness and Spacelessness
Beyond the stellar dome,
Intertwined together as one.

At last we return
And descend to Nectar's Sea.
There on the shore
She hands me a silver apple
And says forget me not ...
Return to me.

I turn and the dawn breaks forth.
The Sun's slanting rays shower
The garden and trees with golden brilliance
And the Spirit in nature embraces me.
With silver apple in hand,
I step into the Light.

©2009 John A. Mills