Basileia Ouranou

Look up, look up you groundling.
Behold the Empire of the Sky --
Forbidden you except in metallic tubes --
Behold its 3-d freedom and wonder ...

The clouds lowing,
Darkening, omniously pregnant
Sea gulls reeling & swooping inland --
Doom approaches

Messagers from the sky:
Astounding red, confident, within arms reach:
Making this cardinal point --
Be. Just for now: Be.

Out of the blue ...
   unfolding out of the invisible air ...
jay jay jay
peter peter peter
too-ree too-ree too-ree
The sky speaks
The air is filled with its call
Soar! Soar to me!

©1999, John A. Mills
Published as Empire of the Sky in Poetry Gems 2000; Famous Poets Society; Martha French,ed. ©2001
Published as Empire of the Sky in Down to Earth; Poetry Today; Suzy Walton, ed ©2001