Summer Easter Lily

Trumpeting the Resurrection,
  the white Easter lily sits tall on our dinner table,
  four trumpets announcing Spring has come.
The Spring blooms with Azaleas and Irises,
  but the lily fades,
  the trumpets whither
At last only the dried up leaves remain,
  long, but drooping,
  another lily passing through our dining room.
But today I will bury it in the ground,
  in the cemetery for bulbs
  a resting place for the resurrection
The Spring ends in humid heat,
  the air heavy and moist
  too early summer
The summer comes with torrid storm
  and thick, oppressive heat
  sun brooding on darkening thunder clouds
And in the bulb cemetery in the sweat of summer
  the Easter Lily is resurrected
  it's trumpets re-born and announcing
The Second Coming

©2010 John A. Mills