Sweet Red Water

Sweet Red Water, alluring invitation, left alone to evaporate.
Summer after summer,
   I fill the glass bottle and hang it upside down in ...
   the plastic bouquet of flower blossoms.
Summer after summer,
   I watch it, waiting for her to come
   but the Sweet Red Water just evaporates.
Summer after summer, I feel a 5th Dimension,
   beyond reach and view,
   but yet deep within and present.

Again, this summer ... this droughty, hot, summer
   I fill the bottle with Sweet Red Water
   and watch it evaporate to nothing in the suffocating heat.
Then drenching one evening my plants with life preserving water,
   I stand next to the empty bottle and dry plastic blossoms.
Out of elsewhere and elsewhen ...
   hovering on humming, beating flashes  ...
   she appears,  her proboscis as long as her blue body.
She stares at me and then at the empty bottle
   and in flashing seconds she turns and disappears.

I replenish the Sweet Red Water.
Now I watch it day by day,
   never evaporating always full.
She has fled to some spiritual 5th Dimension ...

After all of these decades
   after calling to her summer after summer
She has appeared for an instant,
   delicate, hovering memory,
The harbinger of living's unendable unknowing.

©2010 John A. Mills