Sunday Morning Reflections on Wingéd Victory

"It is funny to think of a robin perched on the back of a Velociraptor or a duck paddling alongside a Spinosaurus."
     -- Gareth Dyke; Winged Victory; Scientific American, July 2010

Wings outstretched, she floats on the breeze,
Her sharp eyes surveying the plains.
She swoops down on a family of raptors.
There she rides along on one, 
   Grooming a worm from under its feathers.

Suddenly, the raptors roar and stampede:
Over the southern horizon, rises a stratospheric mushroom,
   churning, roiling stem topped with lightening filled cap.
She zooms off her taxi's back
And disappears into safety.

... and then it rains burning melted rock
The sun blotted out,
 The world lives in the killing darkness,
     plants dying,
         the great lizards dying,
             the seas dying.

Wings outstretched, she floats on the wind,
Her sharp eyes surveying the clouded ground.
She swoops down onto a sunny knoll.
There she hops about,
    Harvesting a worm poking up from the dirt.

In early March, I saw
Her orangy-red breast herald the New Spring,
The world re-created
    Out of the asteroidic apocalypse.
Each Spring she returns from her hiding
    To bring Spring's return and life's re-birthing.

In our globally warmed heat wave and superstorms,
She is the promise that
   When the Arctic melts and the icy rains
    Pour and pour and pour months on end and ...
       plants die,
          species die,
              the seas die
That the sun will break forth ...
And the world re-created
    Out of our pollutic apocalypse.

©2010 John A. Mills