Living Færie: Looking for the Green Man

John A. Mills

I would like to introduce you to my new book of poetry, Living Faerie: Looking for the Green Man. In this book you will find visions of færie and fairies in ordinary life and extraordinary places. Please check it out on

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This book of poetry and original art explores the realm of f$aelig;rie in the world around us. In our highly rational, analyzed, and explored world our sense of enchantment has become dulled. We do not pay attention to the magic and wonder around us except in bits and pieces. But there is a whole realm of mystery, magic and enchantment shining through nature, through outer space, and through our everyday lives. This realm is populated by fairies, those mythological images of the divine shining through the creation.

These poems offer visions of the færie world around us and tap into the bond between being human and being nature. The poems provide readers the chance to sharpen their sense of magic and enchantment. Through that sixth sense readers can live in a world of magic and wonder and discover that their ordinary lives can be enriched with beauty and excitement. Enjoy and experience living færie. Look for the Green Man!



Færie veil,
   Beyond out of reach:
   Elves and dwarves
   Unicorns and dragons.
Spring enchanted,
   Parting the veil:
   Hyacinths and tulips
   God's mysterious road.
A bond otherworldly,
   Parting the veil:
   A smiling trunk,
   A winking blossom.

Silver Apple of the Moon (excerpt)

The twilight has passed and night is becoming.
The dark is glowing in the silver light of the moon.
The harsh reality of doing is banished
And soft mystery is walking the land.

I stretch my arms to the moon
And the day's guilt, shame and worry
Melt in her cool heat.

Moonbeams play about me
Shaping a fairy, translucent and luminous,
Her silver wings fluttering and
Her flowing hair rustling in the moonlit breeze.
The demanding, unforgiving day where everything is known,
Disappears into the dark.
She holds her hand out to me
And I entwine my fingers with her slender fingers.
She offers me a silver apple
And biting into it
We stand on the shores of the Sea of Nector
In the vacuum-clear night... (cont.)

Dance of the Crystal Globe (excerpt)

Crystal Globe, atop its solar stem,
Planted among the Irises,
By day transparent, clear, unchanging,
Drinking up the Sun's light and ...
By night, blue and red and green,
Dance in the globe eating up its photons.
In the dark I watch my solar globe:
Within the crystal,
   The red dance of sun beams at dawn,
Fading into
   The green man cavorting in the crystal,
Fading into blue electric bolts
   Dancing their turn in the crystal.
And so the red, green, and blue
   dance within the crystal through the night
   until at last the photons are exhausted.
I blink, in the moonlight
I see Merlin atop the globe
His crystal-topped wand raised high to Luna.
Around the crystal globe dances
   The Moon Fairy,
      Titania, and 
         The Red Fairy... (cont.)

Table of Contents

Preface: To My Muse
Færie Living
  Canopy of Leaves
  Rolling Along Past
  Unwanted Shoes
  Wanted Shoes, or Pink Sneakers
  A Great Adventure Unfinished
  Dæmon Crab
  God's Signature
Space Fairies
  Silver Apple of the Moon
  Golden Apple of Titan
  Copper Gem of Mars
Garden of Fairies
  Lenten Blooming; Easter Glory
  Morning Prayer
  Fairy Garden
  Færie Found
  Úgoliel Goliel
  Mushroom Forest
  To Life
  Crystal Beads
  Shades and Shadows
  Lovers in the Bulbs
  Dance of the Crystal Globe
  Last Fruits
Postface: Panentheism

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The Rev. John A. Mills is an ordained minister and endorsed chaplain in the United Church of Christ and an Associate Certified Chaplain in the Association of Professional Chaplains. Rev. Mills is currently a chaplain for a hospice in New Jersey. He is interested in our socioeconomic condition and mysticism. He finds expression of these interests in lyrical and epic poetry.

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